IKADAKIMASU is a for-charity physical zine about the cuisine and food culture in Inkopolis.

Currently: Preorders Closed!
Next goal: Waiting for stock to arrive


Mod Lucy
head/layout mod
favorite food: eggs!
Lucy is a sweetheart that knows what's good. Having modded multiple zines in the past, her experience in handling and working in zines is not to be underestimated.

Mod AL
graphics/production mod
favorite food: ice cream
AL is an artist, streamer, and writer. Graphic design is not necessarily their passion, but they have the experience and an eye for style. They're a prolific zine contributor and this is their first time modding one.

Mod Charlie
social pr mod
favorite food: lǔ miàn
Charlie is your resident token Australian of the group. He's a frequent zine contributor, but this is the first time he's moderating one. Still, they're quick to learn new hobbies and trades.

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IKADAKIMASU will focus on the different types of food in and around Inkopolis city including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.
Contributors will be free to choose what characters and meals they depict in their pieces, as well as the places their characters may dine in. OCs, canon characters, and our mascots are all welcome!


Zine specs: 5.5 x 8.5in Perfect bound
Physical merch: Charms, enamel pin, stickers, sticker sheet, prints
Digital merch: emote packs, backgrounds and colouring pages
Stretch goals: To be announced!


Is this zine for-profit or for charity?
• This zine will be donating all proceeds to QueerMeals after production costs have been deducted from the total. QueerMeals is an LGBTQ safe space run by Doog and Jeff based in Provo, Utah.

Where can I buy this zine?
• This zine will be available for purchase on our BigCartel site in both digital and physical bundles.

What type of art will be accepted?
• We are accepting both digital and traditional art. Traditional art will need to be scanned in high quality.

What are we looking for in terms of art?
• We will be looking for character and food-centric pieces. Detailed backgrounds are not the main focus of the zine, but are still encouraged.

Who are the mascots?
• Our mascots are Shōyu and RòuWán, food writer and photographer extraordinaire. They'll need your help documenting the food culture in Inkopolis! Their references can be found on our Twitter here!

How will contributors be compensated?
• All contributors will receive a free digital copy of the zine. Physical copies (including merch) will also be distributed if sales allow for it. Zine contributors will also be able to order the zine and merch at production cost.
Young artists will need parental permission to receive a physical copy of the zine.

Any other questions? Please ask our CuriousCat here!


Must have a Discord.All ages can apply, but minors must have parent’s permission to be mailed a copy of the zine and merch. (Assuming sales allow for it.)You do not have to have prior zine experience to apply, but if this is your first time applying as an artist we recommend checking out these tips.
All pieces must be SFW. NSFW portfolios will be ignored.3 best, finished pieces – if possible, tailor these to represent what you will make for the zine.Traditional art will need to be scanned at 300 dpi or higher.3D art must use original models.In your linkable portfolio (a dedicated art social media, website, or cloud folder) we would love to see food you’ve drawn before if any, illustrations of characters interacting with each other and props, and any Splatoon characters or OCs!There will be a long answer form for ideas, so get brainstorming!
Page Artist Criteria:
Appealing food art (if any)Appealing compositionsAppealing use of colourAbility to draw characters interacting with propsAbility to draw splatoon characters
Same as above, but we would also like to see any merchandise you’ve previously made or mockups.Rather than finished illustrations, we’d like for your 3 best pieces to be in an art style you intend to use when making merch.
Merch Artist Criteria:

Appealing food art (if any)Appealing use of colourEvidence of merch/mockup merch designsStyle which will scale well on merch items (ie high detail that would be lost)
1 original recipe (can be completely original, a family recipe, or something you just like to cook) that shows off your writing skills. Please send this to us in a google doc, word document, or .rtf.Write your recipe in longform, not shorthand! We're looking for conciseness and easy to follow instructions. Please include both metric and imperial measurements since the zine will use both.3 ideas of what you will make for the zine – the application will have long answer forms for each idea so we would like some detail!Pictures of your food creations are not required but are very appreciated.We’ll have an option to link any sort of food portfolio or social media that you have, but it’s not required.[OPTIONAL] Please have a link to an art portfolio if you would like to do your own spot illustration!
Chef criteria:

Easy to read and concise recipesCreative ideasGood understanding of the zine theme (shown through ideas)For an in-depth explanation of what we require from chefs, check out this guide by Mod AL.